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IDAN+ Its getting bigger & wider!
Now, 6 television channels, including one for the children and for you.
The Second Authority is distributes select radio stations over the IDAN+ networkThe Second Authority for Television & Radio introduces the IDAN+ digital terrestrial transmission array for digital television broadcasts in Israel, by law. Using the system, for a one-time cost and without subscription fees, viewers can access Israels free-to-air television channels: 1, 2, 10, 33, 99 and now also 23 Israel Educational Television for children and families. National and local radio stations can also be accessed, including IBA & IDF stations, and those regional stations that will select to join the network.
IDAN+ a social and consumer-friendly move The development of the IDAN+ network to include IETV-24 and radio stations that choose to join the network, is one more significant step in this socio-consumerist project. IDAN+ promotes access to free-to-air television and radio broadcasts for the entire population.
Initiating digital transmission, on one hand, and terminating analog transmission in 2011, on the other, provides a host of benefits to the viewing public, the environment and the economy. IDAN+ a plus for television & a plus for radio = a plus for you
The digital era provides improved quality in all aspects of broadcast: high-quality picture, igh-quality sound and the ability to transmit HD and 3-D broadcasts. The digital era also enables advanced services, such as electronic program guides, closed captions for the hearing impaired, special services for the visually impaired (pilot stage), national and regional radio transmissions and portable TV reception. 
To connect, all you need to do is purchase and connect a suitable reception kit. The choice of kit, its purchase and installation are the viewers responsibility. Kits that are not suitable or somehow damaged may impede reception. IDAN+ a plus for the environment
The transition to digital technology enables to reduce the number of transmission sites throughout the country and significantly lowers the level of non-ionizing radiation. The IDAN+ a plus for the economy
The shift to digital transmission also benefits the economy: freeing up frequencies for advanced communications services, lowering transmission expenses, freeing land, and saving electricity all these compared to resource-hungry analog technologies. IDAN+ is easy to connect
In order to enjoy IDAN+ broadcasts, a suitable reception kit must be purchased and installed. Connect through a user-friendly and simple procedure; and the purchase of the kit is a one-time expense there is no subscription fee! Reception kits can be purchased at electronics, appliance or do-it-yourself stores and at post office branches. Kit selection and installation is the viewers responsibility. An unsuitable or damaged kit might impair reception.

IDAN+ Its getting bigger & wider. Now, 6 television channels, including one for children & families, and radio stations that choose to join the network. We will be please to answer all of your questions at the IDAN+ helpline, either using our contact form or by dialing